1986 5´I´ Grade Musicology
National Conservatorium of Music
Harissa, Beirut, Lebanon
1985 B.A. Philosophy and Theology
Saint Paul Institute
Harissa, Beirut, Lebanon
1981 Oud Instrumental Certification
Kaslik Education Centre
Jounieh, Lebanon
1980 Year 12 Certificate
Saint Paul Institute
Harissa, Beirut, Lebanon


2009 'Ma Ily Ghairak' (I Have No Other But You)
2007 'Beloved Jesus'
2005 'Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom'
2001 'Tale of Two Peoples'
1998 'Du´a Al-Tufula' (Call of Childhood)


2009 'Siraj Al-Wadi', (Light of the Valley) directed by Tony Nehmeh, starring Ghassan Estefan
2009 'Lebs, Lies & Videotape', directed by Andrea Dal Bosco
2001 'Tale of Two Peoples' presented by the Australian Arabic Council
1995 'Angel Baby', directed by Michael Rymer
1995 'Red Light in Full Flight', directed by Samia Mikhail
1994 'Traditional Arabic Music', presented by ABC Radio
1991 'From Zero to Zurich', presented by SBS TV
1988 'Arabic Culture', presented by SBS TV
1987 'The Lord Leaping of Lebanon', Channel 3 TV Tiga, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1985 'Araq Kifraya', commercial on Lebanese TV
1983 'Faw´ Droubak Ya Lubnan' (Beyond Your Paths O Lebanon)
1980 'Dunya Al-Atfal' (The Chidlren's World)


2007 'Beloved Jesus', Saint John the Beloved Melkite Church, Greenacre
2001 'Shalom-Salaam-Asiti', Melba Hall, University of Melbourne
2001 'Frontiers 2', Forum Theatre Melbourne
2001 'Tale of Two Peoples', Melbourne
1993 'Apollo Bay Festival', Melbourne
1992 'Apollo Bay Festival', Melbourne
1991 'Arithm Classical Music', Melba Hall, University of Melbourne
1990 'Arithm Classical Music', Melba Hall, University of Melbourne
1989 'Melbourne Arabic Festival', Melbourne (annually from 1989-1996)

Musical Groups

2003-2010 'Saint John the Beloved Melkite Church Choir'
1989-2001 'Saint Joseph Melkite Church Choir'
1988-1996 'Knights of Lebanon'
1987 'The Lord Leaping of Lebanon'
1974-1987 'Saint Paul Institute Melkite Choir'

Movie Appearances

2008 'The Combination', directed by David Field and George Basha, starring George Basha and Doris Younane
2002 'The Queen of the Damned', directed by Michael Rymer, starring Aaliyah
1999 'Noah's Arc', directed by John Irvin, starring Jon Voight


2010 Award of Recognition for the Preservation of Pure Arts, 'Friends of Fouad Harraka', Canberra
2010 Certificate of Appreciation, Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand, Most Rev Issam John Darwish
2006 Ambassador for Peace, Buddhist Community, Melbourne
1998 Certificate of Appreciation, SBS Radio
1998 Certificate of Appreciation for 'Du´a Al-Tufula', Lebanese World Cultural Union, Salem Haddad
1997 Award of Recognition for Anthem Composition, Scouts of Lebanon, Tony Helo
1990 Certificate of Appreciation, Arabic Festival, Melbourne
1989 Certificate of Appreciation, Lebanese Festival, Melbourne
1985 Gold Medal for Composition, 'Nights of Lebanon' Program, Channel 11, Beirut
1984 Best Composer, Kaslik University of Musicology, Rev Louis Al-Hajj